Friday , 24 October 2014

Actress Meera Sex Video Leaks Online



As for Meera Naveed sex clip, some claim it to be a publicity stunt to match up with her competition Veena Malik, others still consider that the leak has nothing to do with Meera or Naveed. However, the matter is still very young to be commented with certainty, till now.

As people are searching more and more for MEERA JI’s leaked SEX-MMS clip, rest assured it also has the same ENGLISH ACCENT that Meera is famous for. Once you find the Clip, it would not remind you of Kim Kardashian’s leaked MMS clip – it might, although remind why Meera’s voice is irritating.
Captain Naveed father Pervaiz comments about new video sex tape::
Without giving specific dates Pervez said that the RUKHSATI of Meera is scheduled. Khalid Pervez has said that the news of Meera’s marriage with his son Capt. Naveed was kept secret on the demand of the actress.